The consortium consists of 10 partners from 4 EU countries. The expertise and roles of partners are the following:

Name Country Website
Regionaal Zorg Communicatie Centrum NL www.rzcc.nl
GOCIETY® NL www.gocietysolutions.com
University of Technology Eindhoven NL www.tue.nl
Me.Te.Da. S.r.l. IT www.meteda.it
PROGES IT www.proges.it
Università degli Studi di Parma IT www.unipr.it
Gaia Systems AB SE www.gaia.se
SICS Swedish ICT AB SE www.sics.se
North West Coast Academic Health Science Network UK www.nwcahsn.nhs.uk
ICE Creates Ltd UK www.icecreates.com

Regionaal Zorg Communicatie Centrum

RZCC_logopresentatie_2Regionaal Zorg Communicatie Centrum (RZCC) is a not for profit organization with the mission to improve the quality of patient care by initiating, facilitating and encouraging electronic exchange of information between its members, the health care providers in the Southeast Brabant region and patients. As such, RZCC has access to valuable medical and non-medical healthcare related expertise to innovate successfully. Also, RZCC supports the patient perspective by encouraging the involvement of patients in the care process.

Role in the project: besides fulfilling the Project Coordinator role, including dissemination activities, RZCC will contribute to the co-design of the prototype and to the iterative real life service testing. Being an end-user organization, it will strongly support the elaboration of the service model and business plan.


Gociety Solutions


Gociety Solutions offers a highly scalable next generation mPERS (mobile Personal Emergency Response Solution) at a fraction of today’s cost. The Gociety solution is the innovative „engine” that provides the brain and analytics for the professional care organization. Now you can organize continuous remote care, while older adults enjoy life and informal caregivers enjoy peace of mind! Gociety Solutions provides a user-friendly approach for remote care and early indication and prevention of acute incidents. Our fully automatic, non-intrusive solution includes validated (in-)activity monitoring, automatic fall detection, fall risk analysis, geo fencing, informal caregiver integration and remote management- including a more flexible, automated mPERS functionality. Our software turns a client’s smartphone or wearable into an intelligent mPERS!

Role in the project: Bringing in its existing technology of GoLivePhone, Gociety will play a crucial role in product and service development (proto-type development and finalization of service product) and contribute to the development of the new product’s business model.


Technical University of Eindhoven

TueThe Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e) has expertise in the area of supporting the care domain with specifically designed technology and services. The opportunity of the current project allows for taking one step further by integrating the development of several technology providers coherently. However, that process needs to be streamlined, while continuously considering the user perspectives, which is where the department of Industrial Design at TU/e can play a key role. Industrial Design is known for its user centred design approach as well as user steered innovation principles. Based on these processes TU/e can support the design and development leading to an improved set of devices that can be tethered into the envisioned service platform and app. The group Business Process Design will contribute to developing the new business case and implementation strategies of technology and (related) services.

Role in the project: TU/e will lead the task of involving users into the service product (WP3) development due to its extensive knowledge and experience in the Living Lab methodology (joint methodology, user profiling and final evaluation of testing results). It will also contribute to the development of the service model and the business plan.



logo meteda_1024pxMETEDA is the market leader in the field of electronic clinical record systems for the management of diabetes clinics, with a coverage of over 85% of the Italian market and also offers innovative solutions in medicine, tele-medicine and lifestyle. Its activity is divided into development of software and hardware. Although METEDA primarily operates in the Italian and European market but the company is undergoing a rapid internationalization towards the American and Middle East markets

Role in the project: METEDA (in cooperation with the other ICT SMEs) will play a crucial role in the product and service development: improvements in sensors and APP to allow for integration and interoperability, development of prototype through iterative improvement and finalization of the service product. They will also contribute to the elaboration of the business model for new product.



PROGES OProges is a Social Cooperative (non-profit organization) active all over Italy, with more than 2.500 employees. It provides educational, health and medical services for children, elderly, ill and disabled people. Every day, more than 1.500 Proges assistants bring their care to about 3.000 senior people at home or in nurse-residences. Proges provides 15 Homecare Services, assisting about 1.200 people.

Role in the project: Proges can provide its own expertise, know-how and methodology in health-care services, bringing a qualified contribution during the design and production phase. Its management will supervise the application and testing of the product, involving (if necessary) the Medical Care and Social Service networks. Proges managers and assistants will also contribute to process and analyze the experimental outcomes, even monitoring end users satisfaction, and informal caregivers and other stakeholders’ point of view. PROGES will also support the initial need assessment (in co-working with the WP1 leader) through elaborating methodologies and the demand survey.


University of Parma

UNIPR_logoThe University of Parma (UNIPR) has strong connections with public and private care providers in the Parma regions and cooperates with many of them in the framework of local projects and trials. UNIPR has thus developed specific expertise in the user-centred design of AAL-oriented solutions. UNIPR is active in several AAL-related projects, bearing also scientific coordination responsibilities in some of them. Activities relevant to the current proposal include the “A nostra ca’” (“At our home”) project aimed at providing ICT support to “ageing at home” of elderly people living in rural and mountain areas. Within that context, several sheltered houses, located in the Parma region, are currently running services and technologies developed by UNIPR. The University participates in the AAL-JP projects “FOOD” (3rd call) and “HELICOPTER” (5th call). On top of that, UNIPR is involved in the AALISABETH project, funded by the Italian Institute of Research and Science on Ageing (INRCA). As for its contribution to the current project, UNIPR will participate with a research group of the Department of Information Engineering working in the field of assistive technologies and in home-based AAL technologies. The research team consists of academic staff (professors, researchers and technicians) and temporary researchers (research fellows, PhD students).

In order to facilitate transferring research products to the AAL market, UNIPR funded (and participates in) a spin-off company (I-Cubo srl), that carries on engineering, industrialization and distribution of UNIPR research products.

Role in the project:  UNIPR will lead the product and service development workpackage and will be mostly involved in designing the system infrastructure and management software. I-Cubo will support the project (as third party linked to UNIPR) by taking care of production and deployment of home-sensor technology.


Gaia System AB

GaiaGaia is a successful software development company truly ahead when it comes to new technology, innovative solutions and visualisation, while developing and supporting intelligent IT systems, making everyday life a lot better. Gaia has operated since 1994. The core business is to deliver consulting services and system solutions in terms of complete ICT projects for both companies and other organisations. The main focus areas are custom software and business intelligence. The employees have the highest level of technical expertise and extensive experience in business adapted ICT system development. Gaia has many years of experience in delivering customised business-critical systems, integrated into more or less complex system environments.

Role in the project: GAIA Systems will collaborate with UNIPR and SICS in designing the software and overall architecture of the system and the database for storing the data.




SsicsICS Swedish ICT is a leading research institute for applied information and communication technology in Sweden, founded in 1985. Society is shifting towards an economy based on information as the resource – and SICS is in the midst of this revolution, boosting the competitive strength of Swedish industry and the quality and efficiency of Sweden’s public sector. SICS is non-profit and carries out advanced and focused research in strategic areas of computer science, in close collaboration with Swedish and international industry and academia. The research is based on cutting-edge new technology and has a time horizon stretching beyond the companies’ own R&D efforts. Important focus areas at SICS are User-Oriented Services and Products, Networked Systems and Services, Cloud and Big data analysis.

Role in the project: SICS will bring its scientific expertise to the research activities of the project: active participation in the initial need assessment with contribution to the initial case finding, joint need assessment report and status quo analysis. Product and service development will also be supported through defining services and designing the software architecture (taking into account data security aspects), data analysis process and cloud technology. Hosting the Swedish pilot site, SICS will take part in all testing activities and actions. SICS contributes also to exploring current service models, to the elaboration of service model scenarios and to the final business plan and market release plan.


North West Coast Academic Health Science Network (NWCAHSN)

20931 NWCAHSNLogoThe Academic Health Science Network is a National Health Service (NHS) organisation that co-ordinates activities between health, academia and industry. There are 15 NHSs across England and the North West Coast AHSN has national responsibility for Digital Health. The Academic Health Science Network has a responsibility for health and wealth of 4.1 million residents in its geographical area. The NWCAHSN has four areas of work to enable the spread of the digital technologies across the region with the aim of empowering health and social care to better use, track, manage, and improve patients and populations health and to reduce inefficiencies in healthcare delivery, improve access, reduce costs, increase quality, and make medicine safer.

Role in the project: NWCAHSN will fulfil the position of Workpackage leader in case of WP1 (initital need assessment): they will develop a clear joint methodology for case finding and be responsible for the elaboration of the joint need assessment report and status quo analysis. NWCAHSN will play an important role throughout the entire testing phase from the elaboration of the joint methodology to the evaluation of final test results. Their contribution to the service model and business plan will also be crucial with exploring current service models and development trends in the pilot countries.


Partner Nr. 10 ICE Creates (ICE)

iceICE Creates is a specialist marketing, communications and engagement agency that works with clients across the health and life sciences sector to deliver successful marketing and engagement programmes. ICE Creates are a team of 50 specialists who work across the UK to provide bespoke insight and research, strategic marketing communications and community and stakeholder co-design projects. ICE Creates is a successful organisation and has won over 20 national awards for creating innovation in marketing, communications and engagement. The ICE Creates management team has extensive experience of working on high profile internal and external marketing projects within both public and private sector organisations including Education, Travel, B2B and the NHS. They have a wide range of networks with patients, carers, NHS and other health and social care organisations and specialise in working with audiences to understand their needs and co-creating new services or solutions.

Role in the project: Contribution to the initial need assessment: ICE-Creates will oversee the delivery of the demand analysis phase in the UK by working with patient groups, users, care givers and professionals to understand their needs and the level of demand for the ENSAFE solution so that it directly informs the development of the technical innovation strategy within product development and testing phases. ICE creates will also play a major role in the business plan development. When defining the market entry strategy for the UK it will build upon extensive networking with experts in service design and innovation to support the relevant business model and promotional strategy for each market segment.