The target group for the proposed innovation are elderly people with mild to moderate care needs, The project will also target secondary and tertiary end users who for the purposes of this project are defined as the family members and the formal caregivers (state institutions).

ENSAFE project will devise innovative care services targeted at:

  • Elderly people with mild to moderate care needs who are physically able to use a normal mobile phone and to independently manage their personal care. The technical innovation will become a supportive part of the individuals’ lives supporting and enabling them to live longer and more independently at home. They will interact with the ENSAFE system through their smartphone in a friendly and accessible way, and will receive feedback information casted in the form of motivational messages, advice on improving their lifestyle and most importantly guidance on self-care.
  • Secondary end users, i.e. informal caregivers, who will be given simple tools to have the care receiver constantly monitored, providing them with interpretative keys based on the (automatic) analysis of the sensor data stream and with prompt signalling of abnormal situations needing their attention
  • Tertiary end users, i.e. formal caregivers (state institutions, physicians), who will have access to the full set of data through effective organization and visualization tools, suitable for being linked to clinical data management tools and policies.

The project aims to improve not only the lives of older adults, but also that of their informal and formal carers by easing the pressure put on them and allowing for better care management.  The target group will be included in pilot studies in the 4 different countries. More information forthe (potential) participants of the pilot will be uploaded soon.