For who are we developing? Creation of personas

With the ENSAFE vision and technology roadmap in place,  it was time to work on personas. As been mentioned in the previous post should ENSAFE cover the whole spectrum of care; from low to medium to high care. For each phase of the technology roadmap 2 personas were created; one persona familiar with technology use and one persona […]

ENSAFE Vision and supporting technology roadmap

The ambition of the ENSAFE project is to develop a dynamic platform based solution that caters for the entire continuum of care. Due to the flexible and custom nature of the ENSAFE solution it is able support people in different ways and address a wide variety of needs. In the pilot as part of this […]

Impression of last consortium meeting and Focus Group in Liverpool

Last February all ENSAFE partners came together for the second consortium meeting. Since the Kick-Off in September 2015 a lot of work was done, so it was time for a heads up and alligning activities for the next few months. The first day was all about sharing the results of the activities from the different work packages. The results […]

Already 400 seniors involved in ENSAFE case finding study

The ENSAFE project is initiated to look in to the future of supporting elderly by technology. Elderly are motivated to live at their own home for as long as possible while at the same time the care availability is suppressed. Technology could play a major role to solve this trend and create a beneficial situation.  […]