Deliverables overview list

Del. no. Deliverable name from WP no. Nature/type of deliverable Dissemination level (Public / restr Delivery date (project month)
D1.1 Joint methodology for case finding 1 document public 1
D1.2 Case finding analyses in the four pilot sites 1 document public 6
D1.3 Joint need assessment report synthetizing the case finding analyses 1 document public 8
D1.4 Status quo analysis on service models and regulatory framework 1 document public 8
D2.1 Initial product and service concept 2 document public 4
D2.2 ENSAFE system infrastructure architecture 2 system public 8
D2.3 Data analytics and interpretation models 2 system public 14
D2.4 Product Service Prototype 2 prototype public 18
D2.5 Final ENSAFE system 2 system public 30
D3.1 Joint methodology and guidelines for user involvement 3 document public 3
D3.2 Synthesis report on final testing evaluation 3 document public 29
D3.3 User satisfaction surveys feeding the business case 3 document public 32
D4.1 Draft business model incl. value proposition and draft business plan 4 document public 16
D4.2 Final service model scenarios 4 document public 29
D4.3 Final business plan incl. promotional strategy guidance on market entry 4 document restricted to partners 34
D5.1 Set of guidelines 5 document public 3
D5.2 Dissemination plan 5 document public 3
D5.3 Website and initial dissemination material available 5 set of tools public 6
D5.4 Mid-term review 5 document restricted to partners 18
D5.5 Final report and final review 5 document restricted to partners 36